Summer Youth Training Academy 2016

Summer Youth Training Academy 2016

Redwood Voice spent a busy summer supporting the Summer Youth Training Academy run this year by Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and Building Healthy Communities. We took the Digital Media and Creative Expression pathway under our wing, providing trainings and bringing in community partners as well as non-local partners including StoryCorps and the RIOS Company. The 15 youth were trained over 2 weeks in storytelling, photography, radio, web design, informational technology, video, art, and improv before taking on several community projects to put their newly developed skills to work.

You can view their great work, both from training weeks, below. Thank you to Tyler Harrison, Sandra De Leon Mendoza, Walker True, Sherrik Cron, Gabriel Patchin, Kaine Coleman, Steven Baker, Cameron Rylands, Jed Hawkins, Jacob Peldo, Carissa King, Crystal Hohmann, Anibal Cerros, Raymond Bocock, and Dhaval Prajapati for working with us this summer. And special thanks to our partners including The RIOS Company, StoryCorps, BiCoastal Media, KFUG Community Radio, Meng Lo, Coastal Connections, Michelle Carrillo, Michael Glore, Erica Moore, Del Norte County Unified School District, and Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation for sharing their time, resources, and support with us.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Summer YTA 2016

As a part of photo training day, we sent the Digital Media and Creative Expression pathway out for a photo scavenger hunt to put their new photography skills and creativity to test. Assignments included everything from a photo of a teammate using the rule of thirds and negative space to recreating a Disney scene, although many fun photos were taken along the way. Here are some of our favorite shots:

Audio Day – Recording Ads

Next, BiCoastal Media invited our team to their studios for a behind-the-scenes experience to learn about commercial radio and how to record a successful radio ad. Rene Shanle-Hutzell assigned the team a practice project to develop radio ads for the Del Norte County fair that would be taking place soon. The youth were divided into three teams, each given a different aspect of the fair to develop an ad for. After working together to write the ads and record them with the BiCoastal Media team, we returned to our main meeting space to meet with Paul Critz from KFUG Community Radio, who taught us about community radio and shared his story in starting up his local station. Then, Critz provided a quick training on how to use Audacity before setting the youth to work on editing the radio ads they had just recorded-including background audio tracks and sound effects in addition to editing the recorded pieces.

You can listen to the ads they created below:

“Confederate Railroad at Del Norte County Fair”

“New Ride at Del Norte County Fair”

“Rodeo at Del Norte County Fair”

Video Day – Short Films

We provided a very brief training on using our video equipment and storyboarding before we were joined by local Youtuber, Meng Lo, who shared some short films he has worked on and talked about the production process that went behind each of them. We then separated the youth into 3 teams and sent them off to develop a short film, from pre-production to post-production, in less than 4 hours. Here’s what they came up with:

“Protein Shake”


“The Baker Vs. Power Hat”


“Don’t Do Bites”

Stay tuned to view some of the great projects our youth worked on during the last few weeks of the summer program to put their newly developed skills to work. Some, including recordings with StoryCorps in collaboration with Redwood National and State Parks and the National Park Service, are still in production, but we are very excited to reveal the finished product!


Thank you, everyone, for a great summer!